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SUCCESSFUL VENTRILOQUISM - #1 DVD for teaching kids and adults how to be a successful ventriloquist. 50 minutes of easy-to-follow instruction and demonstration by Mark Wade, master performer and teacher. Taped live. Learn how to speak without lip movement with voice characterization for the puppet/dummy. Learn to manipulate the figure in an amazing, entertaining and lifelike manner! Regular Price: $19.95 SALE: $12.95 Free shipping!

ADVANCED VENTRILOQUISM DVD - Mark Wade demonstrates and explains advanced professional ventriloquist techniques and secrets: distant voice (voice "throwing"), baby cry, comedy tips, advanced manipulation and more! Laugh as you learn! 50 minutes. Reg. $19.95. SALE: $12.95 Free shipping!

THE ART OF THE KID SHOW - Outstanding 50 minute DVD on which Mark Wade tells you the various secrets of successful kid show performing. As one of America's foremost professional kid show performers, Mark then shows you with live performance (taken from one of his shows) how it is done. This is a valuable money-making resource for any kid show entertainer! Regular Price $19.95. SALE: $12.95 Free shipping!


SET OF ALL THREE DVD's - $35.00 Free Shipping!